Guide to Global Payroll: Strategy, Implementation, Operations

SD Worx provides award-winning payroll software designed with your people in mind. The secure and flexible software enables you to streamline and simplify your payroll processes whilst enhancing your HR processes, such as onboarding. It is crucial that all relevant parties are made aware that this will be happening. Your payroll outsourcing partner should be encouraging you to communicate the changes business-wide, not just with the employees directly impacted.

  1. A service provider is going to continuously evaluate your payroll system, so you can focus on your core business activities.
  2. By doing this, we ensure a smoother journey and a system that truly aligns with what you need.
  3. This needs to be done early in the project to ensure it is ready for the implementation team to start configuring the system.
  4. With most payroll system implementations, you won’t need to get too many people involved from your side.

After reading this article, you’ll know the steps involved in implementation starting from the moment you become a new customer so you can plan accordingly for a smooth transition. And that’s key to making your payroll system implementation as seamless as possible. Accurate and Timely payroll payments to the employees is one of the key obligations of any business.

Free Porter’s 5 Forces Templates to Help Shape Your Business Strategy

Global payroll implementation is a step which can radically change your business for the better, but choosing the right partner is crucial for success. Delegating international payroll to outside experts can free up key staff to focus more on core business objectives and less on payroll admin. It might also reduce your company’s exposure to potential compliance risks from legal and tax obligations in your countries of operation. While these 5 key steps to successful implementation are the essential backbone of outsourcing to a new payroll service provider, the true secret to an effective roll-out lies within open communication.

SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone: Developing and Extending Content

With this approach, you get access to the same professional who is familiar with you and your business. Usually, you don’t need to involve your IT team since almost all platforms are cloud-based and plug and play. Even if you’re using a solution like a time and attendance platform from a different provider, we can integrate the systems and import that data. However, you may need the involvement of another department if you need a time clock or other hardware installed.

The best way to make sure that information is properly flowing from one app to another is to map out your integrations from the start. Once you have an idea of what information you need and where it needs to go, ensure that the payroll provider you choose can accommodate your app requirements. You can then ask your new provider payroll implementation plan to help you properly set up the app integrations and run some tests to double-check that the information is following through correctly. With this in mind, you should expect a period of ‘hyper care’ from your payroll outsourcing partner, with their team on hand to guide, advise and assure you any time you need it.

Whether you’re adopting a global solution for the first time or switching from an underwhelming provider, transitioning to a new payroll system can be a daunting prospect. The key to a successful implementation, as in many parts of payroll, lies in the planning and preparation. Securing the valuable data and personal employee information is paramount, and there are a number of steps companies can take to ensure that critical data is protected. To help multinationals prepare to implement a new solution, our internal experts recommend starting the discussion with their internal transition teams with the following three questions.

With the right implementation plan template, you’ll quickly master the art of project planning and strategizing. Use the information to identify implementation team members’ roles and responsibilities, too. You can use Excel’s “Edit in Browser” function to collaborate on the implementation plan template with other implementation team members. This ClickUp implementation plan template follows best practices and focuses on team support and client care.

Automate compliance with notifications that alert users of any changes to relevant regulations. If you need support with global payroll implementation, get in touch with Horizons today to discuss your requirements and receive a bespoke quotation. Global payroll implementation means outsourcing your business payroll function, and commissioning an expert organization to process employee payments, tax liabilities and relevant reporting on your behalf. ClickUp pre-populates an implementation plan example as a framework to jumpstart your implementation plan. You can customize the implementation plan example to align with your company’s workflow and needs. The user-friendly design easily adapts to the template, so you create a living document that grows with your company.

ClickUp Help Desk Implementation Project Plan Template

Once your payroll software successfully starts running, you will have all the time to focus on expanding and improving your products and services with an equally focused and loyal staff. Sometimes the data and services from an existing contract can be migrated directly to your new provider. If that’s not the case, the new provider will need these details to align local capabilities to your needs.

Prepare documentation & communication plan.

ClickUp is a tool that can manage all of your projects from start to finish, including your implementation plans. ClickUp implementation plan templates integrate instantly with our robust project management software for effortless collaboration across your entire organization and all your projects. A great template should be user-friendly and empower your team to create a thoughtfully planned implementation strategy.

The handy time-tracking feature helps you determine where roadblocks are and streamline your future planning. In Employee Central Payroll, it is only possible to report on data in the system. For combined reporting with data in other systems, such as organizational objects and cost allocation, you need to use a third-party tool or replicate payroll data into SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics. Once in place, the system can now be further tested and assessed as if it were live (undergoing a specific test called a ‘parallel run’). Your existing payroll system will also be kept active and functioning to prevent interruptions to processes, while also allowing for parallel testing to be conducted.

Before we get started, we’ll walk you through the process and timing so you know exactly what to expect. But taking a proactive position in the payroll journey requires knowing which questions to ask partners or how to gather research from other sources. Formulating the right questions may even precede finding a local partner, but for the most part, “knowing what you need to know” is a parallel, early step in the hiring process. Employee information regarding history, performance, compensation and benefits is stored so managers and team members can access all HR resources. With comprehensive payroll, HR departments can merge all necessary functions into one software, saving time and money. Stay up-to-date on legal statutes when handling financial transactions and contracts, maintaining efficiency.

To access the Employee Central Payroll back end, you need to set up the SAP router and VPN from your network to SAP. This needs to be done early in the project to ensure it is ready for the implementation team to start configuring the system. If you have restrictions around VPN access or user issuance policies, consider starting the access process early in the project so as not to prevent timely access to your instance and cause project delays. In reality, many of today’s cloud-based payroll systems are extremely flexible and can be configured to fit your company’s exact needs. Whether that means adding custom income types or running off-cycle payrolls, many platforms can be adjusted to your exact specifications.

The stages of payroll planning

The template allows you to break down the goals into actionable steps and assign responsibilities and resources to those tasks. Let’s look at 10 free templates for project implementation planning, covering a variety of scenarios and needs, which you can use to start planning your next project. Thankfully, fantastic implementation plan templates are available that streamline your workflow, ensuring your team is more productive.

Your provider should be there to offer their help, reassurance, and support during the initial transition. As soon as the system has passed this stage of testing, it’s time to migrate your payroll data from the old to the new. They will detail how it will work and what data they’ll need to be provided with to implement it effectively. At this stage, your project manager will also be looking for opportunities to streamline your payroll processes. By developing standardised and automated processes, they’ll be able to create a system that is as efficient and accurate as possible. You may have several employees who require access to payroll data to fulfil even the smallest part of their job role.

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