The Guide to Payment Terms and How to Optimize Them

business payment terms

Jessica Sarceda, 28, of Santa Monica, California, said she’ll be using installment loans with four payments for her holiday shopping this year – mostly gifts of shoes and clothes for family and friends. She said she decided to use Zip, another company that provides short-term loans, after using the app to update her wardrobe each season. With almost half of all invoices paid late, it’s easy to see how small businesses can start to run short on cash from time to time. However, establishing the appropriate terms and conditions can help you steer clear of these situations.

However, your payment terms on any single invoice should always be clear, understandable, and consistent. In a web portal for online payments, the payment terms show at the top, as in a traditional invoice, after the payment options, or as part of a separate “terms and conditions” page. You may give clients who pay with ACH a 2% discount over those who pay with a check or credit card. To incentivize and discourage payments, you need a range of options. For example, if you only accept credit cards and have a convenience fee, the added cost could create friction in the long term. However, giving customers a second or third option makes it seem more reasonable.

Late fees

Typical payment terms spell out how much is due, when it is due, if discounts apply, and what methods customers can use to pay. The best terms are clear and easy to understand (we cover this wording in detail below). On the other hand, if one client often pays late, you might want to change it to a Net 15 instead of a Net 30.

business payment terms

After a global pandemic and energy crisis, we have taken difficult decisions to put our economy back on track. We have supported families with rising bills, cut borrowing and halved inflation. Starting again last month, after a pandemic-linked pause, Sarceda has also begun paying down her student loan.

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This discount is always optional and the company is not required to offer it. There are many standard terms for payment, but which do you use? Should you request payment before delivery, immediately on receipt, or after a specific time? Month following invoice business payment terms (MFI) specifies the date in the following month that your customer must pay the full invoice by. If your invoice is dated after the 20th of the month, the clock usually starts on the first day of the following month to give customers enough time.

In the past two years, Williams has used buy now, pay later plans at stores including Target, BoxLunch, EyeBuyDirect, and Skims. She typically uses multiple lenders — Klarna, AfterPay, Sezzle, and PayPal’s Pay in 4 — for larger purchases, she said, especially when buying many items from the same retailer. Payment terms apply wherever money is exchanged for goods or services. Payment can be made in various ways, e.g. by advance payment, payment on receipt of goods, or payment on account after receipt of goods.

What is an Outstanding Invoice? Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Companies in the UK often choose the standard payment term of 30 days for their payment terms on invoices. The more options available for receiving customers’ payments (often called payment gateways) the easier it is to get paid. By accepting multiple forms of payment you also make it more convenient for customers to pay. An invoice management system allows you to invoice, email, track payments, and follow up on late payments all in one place, without feeling like you need to be an accountant to manage your business.

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Payment within 30 days may be the industry standard, but clients are likely to stick to it if you specify this. Including a shorter payment timeframe can lead to faster payments. The increase in the use of electronic invoices is leading to faster payments. Using invoice terms correctly can also help companies get paid faster. For example, including the currency of payment on international invoices can save time and money.

Offer discounts (& potentially late fees)

Shorter payment terms are more widely accepted these days, especially when you allow your customers to use online payment methods. When your accounts receivable are paid quickly, your cash flow can improve. Clear payment terms — with penalties for late payments and discounts for timely ones — can reduce this stress and ensure that your business can perform well and grow. PayPalPayPal is an online payment service that allows customers to make payments by entering their bank account or credit card details in PayPal. When using a credit card, customers don’t even need to create an account.

business payment terms

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