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Starting with a brief look of the specifications, much of the Radeon R9 295X2’s design, goals, and performance can be observed in the specifications alone. Since then AMD has been hard at work on both the software and hardware sides of their business, sorting out their frame pacing problems but also launching new products in the process. Most significant among these was the launch of their newer GCN 1.1 Hawaii GPU, and the Radeon R9 290 series cards that are powered by it.

Please submit an AMD Reporting Form and ask AMD to kindly reimplement DX11 Crossfire Profiles in their Adrenalin 2020 GUI/UI and also to add the option allowing the user to decide which of multiple GPU to pair up. Please ask them not to drop their expensive DUAL GPU and users who bought into their Multi GPU message in the dumpster with these Adrenalin 2020 drivers. I have just installed the newest optional drivers and I lost all Crossfire capability which decreases my performance by about 50%. is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

Nonetheless, the end result is that each GPU gets the same 320GB/sec as the 290X does, and compared to the 7990 this is an 11% increase in memory bandwidth, not to mention a 33% increase in memory capacity. This new card how to find new meme coins fixes the heat and noise issues that dogged the AMD Radeon R9 290 and the R9 290X. Instead of a conventional radiator block and fan, it uses a liquid-cooled Asetek system with a separate cooling block for each GPU.

There’s a central fan that pushes a modest amount of air across both cores, but the bulk of the cooling occurs when the cooling liquid is pumped to the attached 120mm radiator block. The radiator block is designed for the fan mount at the top of almost all tower cases; AMD’s reference card comes with a single 120mm how to run a substratum node fan mounted behind the radiator and blowing air across it and out of the case. As a result, the R9 295X2 is quieter than a single AMD R9 290X in that card’s “über” fan speed mode when tested under load. Again, AMD starts with two Hawaii processors, each manufactured at 28 nm and composed of 6.2 billion transistors.

Estimated payout with AMD R9 295×2

AMD claims that the Radeon R9 295X2 is designed for gaming at 3840×2160. However, we also ran benchmarks at 2560×1440, which is still a popular enthusiast-oriented resolution. All tests at QHD are run through our FCAT system; numbers are generated using video captured from a DVI display output. Testing at Ultra HD was conducted through a mix of technologies; the GeForce GTX 690 and Radeon HD 7990 wouldn’t cooperate with the dual-HDMI method of getting FCAT working at 4K.

That’s a hefty price premium, but it reflects a different balance for the product. With the AMD R9 290 and R9 290X, AMD focuses on offering gamers a killer price with GPUs that run hotter and louder than Nvidia’s offerings, but could match GeForce performance for dramatically less money. Now, it has gone in the opposite direction with an all-in-one design that trades on ease-of-setup, excellent thermals, and a much improved noise profile. It’s a simple, fairly quiet, and easy-to-install solution with high performance and undeniable style.

Tom’s Hardware is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. AMD also offers a similar array of display outputs as what we saw on the 7990, including one dual-link DVI-D connector and four mini-DisplayPort interfaces. This website is only provided for your general information and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making any
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  • A few short months later, Nvidia shot back with the GeForce GTX 680, hitting harder and for less money.
  • With the R9 295X2, we’re moving to 4K testing, as well as 1080p, but we’ve kept our policy of testing games at maximum detail levels.
  • Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.
  • Please ask them not to drop their expensive DUAL GPU and users who bought into their Multi GPU message in the dumpster with these Adrenalin 2020 drivers.

To that end the R9 295X2 will by its very nature be an extremely low volume part, but if AMD has played their cards right it will be the finest card they have ever built. AMD came close once before with the 6990 – a card designed to handle up to 450W in its AUSUM mode – but the 6990 was dogged by the incredibly loud split blower AMD needed to use to cool the beast. For the 7990 AMD dropped their sights and their power target to just 375W, and at the same time went to a large open air blower that allowed them to offer a dual-GPU card with reasonable noise levels.

Not For The Faint Of Heart, AMD Says

Those GPUs are unaltered, sporting a full 2816-shader configuration with 176 texture units, 64 ROPs, and an aggregate 512-bit memory bus. Four gigabytes of GDDR5 per processor are attached, yielding a card with 8 GB on-board. A couple of weeks ago, Nvidia announced its GeForce GTX Titan Z, a dual-GK110-powered, triple-slot behemoth. Jen-Hsun called it the perfect card for those in need of a supercomputer under their desk. And using his 8 TFLOP specification, I worked backward to a core clock rate around 700 MHz per GPU.

If you want more money you need a stronger more efficient card ocing them often makes them worse for profit instead of better as they start consuming a lot more power for not much more performance. NiceHash is a Bitcoin centered platform, providing a complete ecosystem of mining and BTC payment services with the goal to accelerate Bitcoin adoption worldwide. Joel Hruska is a reviewer and industry analyst with more than a decade in the business. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox. The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 is an incredible high-end, multi-core GPU that will really come into its own when 4K gaming becomes more commonplace. Between the two GPUs, their respective memory packages, and a bunch of power circuitry, AMD plants a PEX 8747 switch, the same 48-lane, five-port device found on its Radeon HD 7990 and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 690.

The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Review

As always, the R9 295X2’s competition will be a mix of dual video card setups such as dual R9 290Xs and dual GTX 780 Tis, and of course NVIDIA’s forthcoming dual-GPU card. When it comes to dual video card setups the latter will always be cheaper than a single dual-GPU card, so the difference lies in the smaller space requirements of a single video card and the power/heat/noise savings that such a card provides. In the AMD ecosystem the reference 290X is dogged by its loud reference cooler, so as we’ll see in our test results the R9 295X2 will have a significant advantage over the 290X when it comes to noise. Meanwhile AMD is taking the same no-compromises strategy when it comes to memory. The R9 290X was equipped with 4GB of 5GHz GDDR5, operating on a 512-bit memory bus, and for the R9 295X2 in turn each GPU is getting the same 4GB of memory on the same bus.

AMD Radeon R9 280X Hashrate

Hawaii is a very powerful GPU but it is also very power hungry; AMD has finally given us an official Typical Board Power (TBP) for the R9 290X of 250W, and with R9 295X2 AMD is outright doubling it. R9 295X2 is a 500W card, the first 500W reference card from either GPU manufacturer. So I updated the drivers via device manager and the profiles are still there.

AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Profitability, Hashrate, Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining Calculator

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The switch interfaces with each Hawaii processor’s PCI Express 3.0 controller, facilitating a 16-lane connection between the GPUs and platform. If those cards are the dreadnoughts of our industry, then we’re about to enter the era of super-dreadnoughts (yes, that’s a thing). You can also mine ethereum through a cloud mining contract with Genesis Mining as well as other cloud mining contracts that can be found here.

I have the old UI, I have the option to choose a predefined profile, but I got no profiles to choose from. AMD has warned that the R9 295X2 requires no less than 45 amps of power on the first 12-volt rail of the system power supply and 28 amps on the second. Be advised that this can cause problems even for those with high-end power supply units (PSUs).

For availability the R9 295X2 will be a soft launch for AMD, with AMD announcing the card 2 weeks ahead of its expected retail date. The good news is that unlike most of AMD’s recent product launches, we aren’t expecting availability to be a significant problem. Due to the price premium over a pair of 290Xs and recent drops in cryptocoin value, it’s unlikely that miners will want the 295X2, meaning the demand and customer base should follow the more traditional gamer demand curves.

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