Gross Sales Vs Net Sales: Whats The Difference?

Gross sales are always higher than the net sales due to the fact that net income is derived from deductions made from the gross sales. Gross sales are the total amount of sales without any deductions while Net sales are the total amount of sales after deductions from the gross sales. This is where your knowledge of gross sales and net sales comes into play.

  • Whether you’re a small-time business owner or someone planning to scale your business, you must have an accurate measure for sales forecasting.
  • To determine whether sales are steadily increasing, we want to compare sales revenue for March 2022 with February 2022.
  • With an accurately filled income statement, you can easily visualize whether your business is gaining profit or incurring losses within a specified period.
  • Many companies generate additional income from the sale of assets during periods when they’re cash poor.
  • If we assume 4% of all transactions were returned, there were 8k returns, meaning that the downward adjustment to gross sales is $320k.

You can use this data to make strategic decisions about that product. If you want an accurate calculation of your business, you need to know the difference between gross and net sales. In this article, I will walk you through what gross and net sales are, elaborate upon the gross and net sales formula, and give you an idea about their benefits. As your gross sales vs net sales are considered, your sales process can take a right turn in the industry. As a result, you have an edge in making more strategic decisions regarding budget allocation and stock control.

Questions to Assess Sales Pipeline Health

For example paying 5% less if the buyer pays within 10 days of the invoice note. The discount only applies upon seeing the receipt of cash from the customer since it’s a mystery to the seller on which buyer will get the discount. You cannot know about only gross sales and make plausible forecasts from them alone. Using only one sales number will provide you with misleading numbers for forecasting, especially when you are refunding most of your sales.

Therefore, your gross sales will be (50 x $299) + (75 x $199), or $29,875. You’ll have all the features and receive full support during this trial period. Most importantly, they compare sales for the period to sales from the previous period or from the period one year earlier. That number indicates whether a business is actually growing or contracting. The difference between revenue and sales is relevant to investors viewing company reports. Government agencies also sell goods or services, from drilling permits to auctions of seized property.

  • Using only one sales number will provide you with misleading numbers for forecasting, especially when you are refunding most of your sales.
  • You could use these metrics to help steer this rep, and the team, in the right direction.
  • From sales funnel facts to sales email figures, here are the sales statistics that will help you grow leads and close deals.
  • If the company does not record sales allowances, sales returns, or sales discounts, there is no difference between net sales and gross sales.

Net sales and gross sales are two metrics that your sales team or business use to measure your company’s revenue. The main difference between net sales and gross sales can be of interest to an analyst. If the difference between both figures is gradually increasing over time, it can indicate quality problems with products that are generating unusual allowances and large sales returns.

This figure is the value of their gross sales because it includes only revenue, not costs. A company may elect to present its gross sales, deductions, and net sales information on separate lines within its income statement. If you’re experiencing an increase in returns, start by identifying the main cause. Usually, there are return authorizations in place to record the reason for a return. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to see whether there are any opportunities to improve the manufacturing, quality control, delivery and other sales processes to reduce the number of returns. For example, if your net sales figures are considerably lower than your competitors, there’s cause for investigation.

Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

The gross sales include any sales transactions that generate revenue and exclude all costs, expenses, and other charges. Tracking your gross sales provides a way to measure the total amount of revenue made by sales teams. In the same view, net sales gives insight into the effectiveness of your team’s sales tactics as well as the quality of your products or services. Using both gross and net sales, you can understand how well your sales team is performing and how they can sell better. Gross sales is a metric for the total sales of a company, unadjusted for the costs related to generating those sales.

benefits of knowing your gross sales and net sales

While gross sales aren’t exceptionally reliable, they come hand in hand with calculating net sales. The amount of refund needs to be removed from the total amount of the gross sales generated. Focused sales teams toward profitable sales opportunities, resulting in improved success rates.

On the other hand, revenue and gross sales are similar terms that represent the total income generated from sales. However, revenue may be calculated after deducting any returns, discounts or allowances. Accurately tracking and analyzing these metrics can help businesses identify areas for improvement, optimize their sales strategies and make informed decisions to drive growth and profitability. While gross sales are about the amount you have generated before the deductions, net sales are what remains once all the deductions, discounts, and sales are made. A company or business can use these metrics to calculate its profits. The net sales metrics are also mentioned in the income statement of the business.

Difference Between Gross Sales and Net sales

A return authorization number — or RA — allows sellers to track a return from its outset to its end. However, in spite of its product’s popularity, Battery Operated Light Up Hooting Owl Pest Deterrent LLC needs that money as soon as possible. In this case, the company might offer the retailer a 2% discount for paying off the invoice sooner. Here, we’ll take some time to understand what gross and net sales are, what differentiates the two from one another, and what they can show about the health of a business.

Gross sales also help to evaluate the overall business size and annual growth. As you can see, analyzing gross sales is more valuable for gaining insight into the growth of a company rather than its profitability. Moreover, gross sales often are considered when developingpricing strategies to ensure a competitive market price. While a surface-level review of monthly sales figures can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, don’t get excited quite yet.

To keep the customer happy, your company might offer a partial refund of $300. Sales discounts apply to any early payment discounts which are offered to customers when they pay an invoice within a specified period. Net sales could be referred to as the ending amount the company or organization receive by eliminating all the cost that is used.


From these totals we can subtract deductions, such as discounts, allowances, and returns, in order to see what the net sales were. Gross sales are the total number of all sales transactions your company makes during a certain period without any adjustments and deductions. In other words, gross sales are the raw money amount of sold goods and services, before applying any corrections. The net sales revenue on your income statement shows how much revenue you have left after the subtractions of allowances, returns, and discounts.

Once the income statement of the company is ready, you can use it to evaluate your sales tax and other sales activities in the future. A wrong calculation of gross sales figures would ultimately impact the calculation and accuracy of the net sales figure of an organization. On the other hand, a wrong calculation of net sales figures will not impact the calculation and accuracy of the gross sales figure. This is because of the fact that the gross sales figure is calculated before the calculation of the net sales figure. If comparing gross sales vs net sales is the goal, all the values of the company’s gross revenue, net sales, and deductions can be presented separately in one income statement.

Analyzing these three deductions that create the difference between gross sales and net sales can be of great interest for businesses looking to identify the source of financial issues and revenue gaps. For example, If the difference between number of net and gross sales is steadily increasing, it can indicate problems with products’ quality that lead to unusuallylarge sales returns and allowances. Let’s dive deeper into why it is important to consider both gross and net sales when you evaluate your business, and what insights each metric can reveal to you.

Although business owners and financial analysts track gross sales, it is not enough to use your gross revenue to gauge your company’s overall performance. It is an important tool that will allow you to calculate other sales metrics such as net sales and the company’s gross profit margin. Needless to say, net sales are almost always lower than gross sales.

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